METAMORPHA involves the integration of several novel technologies, which are outlined in the content below and in more detail in the project presentation. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

The project will develop a USP micromachining system based on a combination of two spatial light modulators (SLMs) with an integrated galvo scanner to enable sophisticated digital beam shaping and steering from a single fully digital module. This will allow a single system to perform a variety of manufacturing processes (e.g. polishing, milling, drilling and cutting) which currently require different laser machines, mechanical and/or (electro-) chemical processes. A single METAMORPHA laser machine could replace a process chain of several steps that are currently achieved using environmentally damaging non-laser processes.

Combined beam shaping and steering

The METAMORPHA SLM combination allows full control of both amplitude and phase of the processing beam and can achieve precision tailored beams of any shape. Furthermore, the phase control allows digital beam steering for agile all-digital multi-directional processing.

Made-to-measure laser processing

A further key aspect of the project is the development of made-to-measure laser processes. Each workpiece is scanned using a high resolution 3D surface topography quality sensor before processing. Using a machine learning based algorithm, a precision individualised laser micromachining process will be calculated so that every process is tailored to each workpiece to account for tiny variations in geometry or surface topography.

In-line process control

During processing, real-time sensors monitor the processing zone to provide real-time feedback for system control. This allows the fine tuning of the machining procedure to account for the unpredictable variations between process runs.

Agile and scalable solution

METAMORPHA will develop a modular approach, which is scalable to large volume production but which may also be applied to small batch production.

Industrial use case 1

Small and complex metal parts for consumer goods

Industrial use case 2

Large area embossing rollers for steel surface processing

Industrial use case 3

Very hard and brittle carbide embossing punches